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How it works

How you can promote and support creative projects at the same time.

Repull aims to be a platform for collective financing (crowdfunding) and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructure, microtasks, and other resources) for encouraging the independent development of creative and innovative projects focused on social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological, or ecological objectives that generate new opportunities for the improvement of society and more importantly combat unemployment.

  1. Repull is a new way to fund creative projects. From films, games, and music to art, design and technology, culture and education, Repull is born for them all. Big or small, Repull brings them to life through the direct support of people like you. Thousands of creative projects are already prepared to raise funds on Repull now.
  2. Projects benefit from distributed collaboration. In Repull, apart from monetary contributions, people collaborate offering services, material resources, and infrastructure or by participating in specific microtasks needed for the development of projects.
  3. Collective returns. Repull seeks the social return of investments and for this reason apart from individual rewards for backers (contributors), the system is based on collective returns with the objective of creating social capital and that other people can create opportunities, products and economically sustainable services derived from the projects.

What you get



Passionate, Creative & Innovative Enthusiast of good will.

  •   You get funding.
  •   Your project gets collaborations.
  •   You get resources to develop with.
  •   Win-win (collective returns) for you, your contributors, funders & the society.



People of the Internet (& good will). Give and take.

  •   Benefit from individual rewards.
  •   Win-win (collective returns) for you.
  •   Be a part of diverse projects by collaborating.



Friends of creativity

  •   Get recognised for pioneering creative projects.
  •   Participate in the generation of collective knowledge and socially innovative projects.
  •   Complement individual contributions through a social investment market, and benefit from certain tax advantages.

Who we are

Tobechi Ohaeri

Founder & Developer

Entrepreneur. Industrial Engineer. Rich expertise in anything related to programming, graphic design, modelling and animation.

Ewurum Alexander

Web Design

Entrepreneur. Chemical Engineer. Front-end developer, anything-related-to-web-dev-maniac.

Chidinma Uzogo

Technology Editor

Freelance writer, Nigerian film expert, marketing specialist. Interested in old movies and new technologies.


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